Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I really have to be getting home now. I've got a long list of groceries to buy and a ton of work to do when the kids are asleep. Plus I am operating on maybe two full hours of sleep last night with an hour or so of traffic to go through before I can get home.

And I so wanted to write about something. Like how my son's off his diapers and the bottle for good (it was so painless I couldn't believe I was worrying about it). Or how the play we saw last weekend sucked so much that we walked out 10 minutes into the second act. Or maybe about Faith dancing ballet while watching Barbie in Swan Lake.

But, there's not enough time to do any of that.

I'm just sitting here, gathering enough energy to stand, pack-up my things and go. Aren't I just a burst of sunshine today.

So, to make up for being so depressing, here's a kiss from me to you.................


Vivek said...

hah....nice blog. i know how good it feels to hear from a stranger,s o thought i shud' drop a cmnt

Menchie said...

thanks and it's nice to hear from you. hope to see you around. :D

SaM-GiRL said...

You have a nice blog. Had a fun read.

Menchie said...

Hey sam-girl! thank you! :D

Jay said...

What sweetness.

Dan said...

Or how the play we saw last weekend sucked so much that we walked out 10 minutes into the second act.

Ouch! Did the actors see you leaving? :)

Thanks for that smooch. It made my day!

Caroline said...

Hugs sweetie x
I want to eat all future food off Daniel Craig.

Aidan said...

**Hugs all round**

What was the play?... Stace and I saw the Choir of hard knocks last night, a choir made up of destitute and homeless people... Beautiful voices, incredable humanity:)

Such a cute photo:)

Menchie said...

Thanks Jay! :D

Don't think so - they were too busy dancing on stage.

Oh, me too! *giggle*

The play was Song and Dance by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Hated it. You and Stace lucked out -- I'd much rather listen to a choir.

Keshi said...

that is a very cute pic of a very sweet kiss. MWAHHHHH!

Take it easy hun.


Menchie said...

Thanks Keshi! Am feeling much better today. I got some sleep! :D

Marie said...

That's a really sweet pic.

Hope you feel better soon, Menchie.


Menchie said...

Thanks Marie! I feel better now but I'll only be able to rest easy after next week. I can't wait!

Hildegarde said...

Great photo !! really super expressive, and cute. Good luck struggling through all the "have to do"-things ! Humorous labels !I did the super powers test : funny and I like the image of "one brave thing" very much, LOL. I'll add your link.

-Princess Shin- said...

Ooooh... Hang in there my friend! Remember to smile ya!

Take care!

Cazzie!!! said...

What do you mean not enoguht time to do any of that? You just told us in a few sentences the most magical part of being a mum, seeing your kids happy, seeing them grow before our eyes, what a tribute to you as a wonderful mum :)
Well done, you deserve a night off of housework...chill, put your feet up, the housework will always be there, but your kids will only be small once :)

Menchie said...

Thank you! The photo was taken with a camera phone and certainly not like the breathtaking ones that you take but i really think she was so cute in the pic. thanks for linking me, i've linked you already!

thanks sweetie! it's just been a very busy week for me at work. :D

you're right but i had wanted to spend some time writing more fully about it. :D but, groceries all done though and the housework...what housework???? LOL!

Laurie said...

What a little cutie. I hope the weekend gives you time to relax. And no more crummy plays...ok?

Menchie said...

Still have to work this weekend but will be able to rest easy by Wednesday at the very least. As for the crummy plays, oh I hope so. We bought season tickets so we have to at least check out the remaining two.
Have a good weekend!

Ms. Val said...

Menchie, I hope things start to calm down for you soon.

Congrats on getting your son out of diapers and off the bottle. That's no small feat from what I recall (it's been a few years).

Ces said...

What do you mean, you should pack up and go home now - where are you blogging? Hmn?

Menchie said...

Ms. Val,
I just need to get through the weekend and next week and then I can breathe easy. :D

It was past 8pm and I was still at the office trying to muster up energy to pack up my laptop and go home.

Maria said...

I'll take the kiss from Faith any day/any time...

i LIKE your labels!!!

don't work so late, Mench. you're kids are growing up, they need you more.

Menchie said...

i know. but it's only for this week. it's my company's equivalent to FOCAL so you can imagine how it is now.