Monday, December 04, 2006

Scenes from a Weekend

I am supposed to be sleeping but I CAN'T SLEEP. So here I am hunched over my laptop inside the bathroom, not caring that I have an 8am meeting tomorrow and will have to be up by 5:30am to make it through the rush hour traffic.

Some highlights of the three day weekend I just had:

1. First off, The Dora the Explorer Sing along fiesta at the mall! Woohoo! You can see the kids look positively thrilled here. No, really, they loved the show but refused to smile for the camera. Rats! I didn't see much of the show...I was too busy watching my daughter watch the show and say..."Swiper no swiping!!!".

2. While driving home from the mall Sunday night, my mom, husband and I were talking quietly when Faith (who I thought was busy guzzling her milk) kept saying "Yikes!", or so I thought. After about the nth time she said it, I turned to her and asked, "why do say yikes, sweetie?". She just smiled at me and said it again. I realized after passing a brightly decorated house and she said "oooh, yikes!" again that she was really saying "Lights!"

3. This is why I think my daughter will never be a wallflower. I just saw these pictures and was so amused by them. This was taken during the big school assessment (which they both passed!!!! Yippee!). Faith nonchalantly sat a little distance from a group of older girls in uniform. Five minutes after and she was the center of attention. Wish I made friends this easily when I was a kid.

4. A recent conversation with Faith while she was doing number 2. She kept saying "yuck!" and "gwoss!!!" I couldn't stop smiling. It was the most enjoyable 10 minutes I ever spent inside the toilet.

5. Bedtime conversation with Joshua while Faith was busy trying to make me smell her toes and winking.

- Mommy, who will I marry?
- Um, who do you want to marry?
- Nope, you can't marry your mommy.
- How about tita (auntie)?
- You can't marry her either. You can't marry someone who's related to you.
- So who will I marry when I grow up?
- Well, what kind of girl do you want to marry?
- (Thinks hard) How about you choose for me, mommy?
- What?!!
- When I grow up, you choose the girl I'm going to marry.
- OK!!!!

I can't believe he gave me permission. Years from now I'm going to let him read my blog entries and remind him that he gave me carte blanche. HA HA HA!!!

On a side note, what in the world is wrong with Internet explorer???!!!! If I open blogger, I can't post pictures and can't see a preview!! Grrrr....


Steven Novak said...

That kid is going to regret giving you the option of choosing. ;)


-Princess Shin- said...

Use Firefox. Internet Explorer always gives me problem!

Oh.. your kids are cute!!! Yikes!!!

Well.. wait till he becomes a teenager.. *shakes head* Wahaha...

Menchie said...

Oh yeah he will!! I am going to have so much fun when he grows up!!!

yes, I used firefox last night. that was the only reason i got the pics in the post up. crummy internet explorer!

Caroline said...

You've recorded it in Blogworld - it is law now.

I love Dora. Our new kitten is called Boots. So the only words that I can find to add to this are:

Swiper no swiping!
Oh Man!!!!!!


Ces said...

Menchie very interesting photos of your daughter at school. Compare it to the photos of public schools on Sudney's blog. I cannot emphasize enough the disparity between the rich and the poor in the Philippines. What a contrast. Not to make your blog an example but it just the way it is and elsewhere in the world for that matter.

You blogging in the bathroom? Are you sitting on the pot? Are you doing something other than blogging? Are you taking a shower for example ir perhaps be in the tub soaking?...

Menchie said...


Excellente! We have tons of Dora dvds at home. I get to play Boots when we role play because I can do a really great monkey imitation.


Ha ha! No, I wasn't doing anything in the bathroom while I was blogging. it was the only place in the bedroom where I could turn on the light without bothering the kids and Jun who were asleep already.

And yes, the disparity between the private schools and public schools here are very glaring. We are not rich people ourselves but we recognize the fact that the only way to get a good education and get a chance in this very competitive world is thru private schools. How I wish things were different -- I know public schools in other countries are as good as, if not better than private schools.

But like you said, it is what it is.

Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

Aren't kids great?!


Menchie said...

Samson & Juliet,
yes, they are. a bit stressful, but always a joy.

Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

Samson: A bit like I am with Mummy!!

Juliet: Hmmmmm!!!!!???!!!

Samson: But I am so cuddly and loving you can't let the stress get to you...and I love kids too!!! They make my tail all waggy. Menchie's little girl smells really good to me!

Menchie said...

Oh Samson,

My little girl would love you! If you don't mind being cuddled and touched a lot. And I think what you smell is her mommy's cranberry sparkly lotion which she likes to put on a lot.

Maria said...

soooo precious! I love the pictures and Joshua's request... LAGOT siya!


Menchie said...

I know! HA HA HA! I wish I recorded his request so i can play it back when he's in his 20's.