Thursday, December 07, 2006

Postscript to Checking in

I finally got my picture up. And I think I've figured out why I can't post comments on some blogs. Since I transferred to the beta version, I am having problems posting comments to blogs that have not transferred to the blogger beta version. Sigh! To the others who are on blogger beta, am I right in my assumption??


Argie said...

it should not be the case ... try to be logged - in first before attempting to post some comments ... but since your blog is on the beta platform expect some unstability with it

Menchie said...

Hey arg,
I know! i didn't have any problems before. maybe something's wrong with blogger.

Caroline said...

Menchie - you are stunning.

Leo said...

Great are very lovely, almost as lovely as the precious one beside you. ;)

Maria said...

welcome to the wonderful (sigh) world of beta blogger.

I'm glad you finally figured out how to leave a comment and upload your pix.

Menchie said...

Caroline, made me blush! But thanks a lot! :D

Thank you. I hundred percent agree with you that i pale in comparison the one beside me.

I'm regretting moving to the beta. I can't leave comments on blogs using the old version. Kainis!

Maria said...


tell me about it... what i do is I log on first (using my gmail acct) and then comment. sometimes, i forget, painfully, i've come to learn to copy, log on and paste. (I bet during FOCAL the beta blogger would have earned an IR rating - LOL!)

try it.

-Princess Shin- said...

No wonder I couldn't leave a comment the other day.

I'm not gonna switch to Beta version. Scary.. =(