Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Five Things for Christmas

I've been tagged by the adorable Samson and his mommy Juliet. A very very Christmassy tag! So to take away the building stress of not having enough time to complete the mile long (well, not really but it feels like it) list of things I haven't done before Christmas, here's my list.

Five things I would like this Christmas:

1. I would like to officially stop shopping for Christmas presents on the morning of the 23rd. That is absolutely the last day -- I have to take my cousins shopping for what they want for Christmas. Because they're picky. Nah, just kidding. They're home from the US visiting after 10 years and I have no idea what to give them that they don't already have. So I am taking them around and buying them presents. I'm killing two birds with one stone. That's two things off my list.

2. I would like my kids to enjoy the holidays and share their toys.

3. I'd like some free time to myself to read a book for a while.

4. To eat carbs and chocolates on Christmas day.

5. A massage and at least 8 hours of sleep.

Five things I would really prefer not to contend with this Christmas:

1. Anyone in the family to get sick. (Please, please, please, please.....)

2. After Christmas clean up.

3. Traffic.

4. Traffic.

5. Traffic.

I'm tagging: Irene, Maysha, Steve


Irene said...

We want the exact same things, Mench! Haha! ;p

I'll do this as soon as I find the time amidst this horribly hectic hiliday season. Arrrrrgh!

Hope to see you soon! =)

Marie said...

Hope you get all that you want for Christmas xx

Ces said...

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic: why do I know this to be so true, true, true!

Merry Christmas Menchie. Those USA cousins could use a dose of how Christmas is celebrated in the Philippines. It is the best place to celebrate Christmas.

Maria said...

I’m so glad everyone is getting better, I’ll pray for health and safety for you, Jun and the kids this season! (I could use some myself, I just caught a cold and my throat is sore… kainis!)

I’m getting into the meme spirit! So I’ll do this…

Mat was here last week and told me about those HR parties around town. He is so looking forward to the one at Melay’s, and, I am so dying with envy... If work and schedule permits, I plan to go home next year (with my parents), oh promise me we will have a celebration among friends? Play catch-up or as Gemma used to say “Catch-up, Ketchup!” LOL!

HUGS AND MORE HUGS, KISSES AND PLENTY MORE KISSES TO - Joshua, Faith, Melay’s daughter, Lara’s children (is it child or children? I’ve lost track… and everyone in the party – you, Maroy, Lara, Mat and your partners in crime! =)

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Caroline said...

I agree.
Your desires are perfect.
I hope that you get everything that you wish for.


Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

OOooohhhh!!!! A massage!!! My biggest weakness...funny that my husband always has a sore thumb...any excuse to get out of giving one!!!!!! Hey ho!!!!!

Menchie said...

Faith loved your gift! She started sticking them everywhere when she opened the box. Thanks!

Thanks! :D

It's torture everyday -- wish I didn't have to drive.
Oh the cousins are enjoying themselves very much already. Can't wait for Christmas Eve.

Oh too bad about your cold and sore throat! I hope you feel better really soon. It's good that you and Mat saw each other although I wish he'd told me so I could send something to you!
I can't wait din for Friday! I'll be bringing the kids with me and Lara will be bringing Xavi along too. You're coming for a visit next year???!!!! Isn't Ces coming over too?? OMG! We can see each other next year! I Can't wait!!!!!

Thank you! I hope you get yours, too!

I know!!!! A massage would be perfect although I'm angling for a spa massage -- the works, hot shower, sauna, jacuzzi...sigh!