Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My house at Blogworld Road

It's official! I am now a resident of Blogworld Road. I count myself very lucky to live in a place where all the neighbors are fabulous and there are no invitations necessary. It's the only place where houses don't have to conform and you are limited only by your imagination.

Up there is my house. It's really the house where I live but since I love it so much, I decided to have it replicated at Blogworld Road. It is my dad's work of art, the place where my children are growing up and where I prepared myself to marry the man I love. (Yes, that's me in the wedding gown with my brother and sister)

I've made a few modifications in the Blogworld Road version. There are lots of guestrooms where people can stay, a playroom filled with toys so Caroline's children can play (and the others too, of course). It has an immense library with a lot of comfy chairs overlooking the garden where one can spend hours buried in a book or just daydream. A dining room with lots of room for people to eat, and meet and talk (and even dance!).

Oh, and a huge playground at the backyard -- so the children can run around (and where all the playground mums are nice).

Lastly, it's a place where you always feel comfortable to be yourself. Come on over. I'm having a party.


Ces said...

Oh Menchie what a lovely lovely house surrounded by trees. A beautiful yard. Not sure if you have met all the neighbors in Blogworld Road? They are indeed a fabulous, though Cherry Pie mentioned a bit intimidating. If you visit the Red Barn, you may find KJ there too and I also managed to coax Within Without to pose for a painting.

Leo said...

You have a beautiful home! And welcome to Blogworld Road, I'm down on #14.
Thank you for the invitation...

Come over and we'll watch Superman Returns on DVD (I got in the mail yesterday!!! Can you tell I'm excited?).

Marie said...

That's a beautiful house.

Steven Novak said...

Nice house.

What should I bring to the party?

Twister? Pin the tail on the donkey? Scattergories?

Sigh...I am such a dork. ;)


Caroline said...

OMG Menchie - what a beautiful house. It is stunning. I am happy to come by and let our children play and read a few books and chat and .... oh my goodness! I may never leave!

Menchie said...

thank you. it was designed by my dad. they live in the main house right across the lawn. you're right, i haven't met all the neighbors yet but from what i've seen from afar, they are all talented and fabulous. i just might drop by at the red barn one of these days -- i am fond of farms, just not of the feathered residents.

ooooh! i loved, loved, loved Superman returns! i'll bring the popcorn.

thank you! :D

thanks. you can bring twister (i lost mine) and scattergories. am sure the folks around here would love scattergories!

thank you! we still have a slumber party so you don't have to leave right away!

Maria said...
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Maria said...

Mench -

And on the walls are those Autumn pictures you liked... (for reallz, please email me the print size you want them to be on.)

I'm on Unit #8, come by sometime to see more of my pictures...


PS: I'll be at the slumber party.


Menchie said...


yes!!! the autumn pictures you posted that i loved, loved, loved! I will email you once i decide on the size.

this is gonna be such a cool slumber party!

kj said...

hi menchie, what a treat to see your house! it is fantastic. i can easily imagine how happy you are there.

am i the only person on blogworld road who works? who may have an occasional conflict with a neighbor? maybe cherrypie and i will be disruptive sometimes...
and i am prepared for any range of behavior from my dear friend ces.

happy holidays!

Caroline said...

Is it time for bed yet? I've been awake for days now!

Menchie said...

thank you! and i think disruptive behavior every now and then is ok.

bedtime! i am officially proclaiming the slumber party over. :D

Cherrypie said...

Hi Menchie

Glad to see you've moved into Blogworld Road too. I shall be over to borrow books before long no doubt.

Please don't believe I'm disruptive. It's not true. I was just unaware of how loudly I was singing, and that my shoes would make such a noise on the garden tables at the last party. It was really mostly KJ, anyway and once we got her to bed ( it took til 7am the next day but Ces was wonderful with her when she fell off the hammock and bumped her head) it all quietened down.

I've only recently moved in myself so I'm taking some time getting to know everyone but I'm sure we'll be great friends x