Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday 13

There are pictures and there are pictures. For this installment of Friday 13, I chose photos that are close to our hearts. Not because they're perfect. These aren't even the kinds of pictures you keep in an album to show your guests. But I love them anyway -- they are snapshots of our occasional (or everyday?) insanity.

1. Joshua was a little over a month old here and when Jun took this, we couldn't stop laughing at how scary he looked. We were trying to get a photo of him to send to our friends through email. Needless to say, we decided to wait a couple more weeks before taking another photo.

2. I loved the look on Joshua's face here. I think my sister (whom he adores) came out of the house just when the photo was snapped. (I also think he kinda looks like a girl here)

3. Jun took this photo while Josh was in the middle of doing number 2.

4. Likewise, this is Faith, also doing the number 2. (and looking like a boy)

5. Taken during my birthday last year and Joshua made a face.

6. So of course, it was my turn.
7. We couldn't get a decent smile out of Joshua that night. This was one of the mildest faces he made.

8. Um, I just thought it would be fun to make faces in front of the mirror while I was distracting Joshua from flicking toothpaste in the mirror. I had to help Josh a little bit with this one.

9. I really don't remember this one. It's part of a series. I could tell Jun was having fun here.

10. Fooling around in the hospital while Faith was confined with Kawasaki disease. It was like a mini party every night when my parents visited with my siblings and Joshua. We never had to settle for just hospital food.

11. Taken only last weekend. Faith was fooling around as usual. I did not, repeat, DID NOT, teach her to do this. She's perfectly capable (and frighteningly proficient) at coming up with her own faces. Jun is constantly amazed.

12. This is how we are at night before bed. The kids just don't leave me alone. That's me (taking my turn at scrabble) with Joshua squishing me while watching cartoons. Faith's actually lying on top of me. Jun just had to take a picture.

13. Finally, I realized almost all of the pictures are of me and the kids so I thought of including one of Jun. This is NOT because he is the only normal one in the family.


Ces said...

Menchie, these are adorable photographs. You have a happy family. Your husband is also very cute. I love happy family photographs. Thanks for sharing!

That's right! Our Thursday is your Friday!

kj said...

ohmygod menchie, these are so wonderful. it is a joy to see your family. your husband is a doll.

i see love everywhere.

Menchie said...


Actually, it's already Saturday night here. My Friday 13 was late cause I had a hard time choosing the photos. We've got a lot of weird ones.
And I think mu husband's cute too. :D

Menchie said...


I feel the same way about these photos.

Ditto on my husband being a doll. :D

Maria said...

i definitely want to photograph you guys! may I?

these are very nice, very sweet post/pictures!


Menchie said...

Thanks Maria! You can take a picture of us anytime! Punta na lang kami dyan, please?