Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Five Minutes of Fame

Last week, Jun and I had the opportunity to appear on tv. My college friend who works for ANC invited us since they needed a married couple with kids to talk about the cost of having kids. Didn't take me long to decide to do it (yeah, like how many times will you get an opportunity to be on TV??!!). In fact, my friend was still explaining on the phone when I said, heck, YES!! And then I remembered it wasn't a solo parent guesting so I had to ask Jun if he was free, he he.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was my first time in a tv studio and I was surprised to see that the sets appear so much bigger on tv than they really are. We were both a bit nervous but Pia Hontiveros (the host) put us both at ease with her easy manner that after the first minute, I was happily jabbering away. My friends who saw the episode said I came across as very natural. Naturally madaldal, I barely gave Jun an opportunity to talk (which was ok with him, honest!). I came away from that tv appearance feeling like I missed my calling -- HA HA HA HA!!!! I should be on TV!

Unfortunately, since we don't have skycable, my parents weren't able to watch my debut. My friend promised me a tape of the episode (susan, please!!!) so I can watch it over and over and...eeep! I mean, so my family and kids can see it.

Seriously, I loved it. It was a bit surreal for me, so far removed from my everyday existence. It definitely shook things up for me. So much so that it's spurred me to do something I've wanted to do since last year. I won't tell till it's a sure thing. And no, it's not losing weight! Grr!


Maria said...

congrats! now you have a new career...

*wow! i have a celebrity friend! ain't that cool!*

panood naman... please?

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