Tuesday, June 06, 2006

All grown up

We celebrated Joshua's 4th birthday yesterday. It was a quiet one with just the family at home since Faith is also sick. But he was delighted nonetheless. So, on the occasion of Joshua's birthday, here are some Josh facts:

1. He is OBSESSED with dinosaurs. Our bedroom floor is littered with dinosaur figures of all shapes and sizes. It's amazing how Joshua remembers what each is called. Can you believe he can tell the difference between an iguanadon and an ultrasaurus and the difference between a triceratops and a chasmosaurus. The way he says velociraptor (ve-WO-ci-Wap-tor) always cracks me up.
Note: As a result, Faith can roar like a dinosaur just like her kuya. She does a mean T-rex, complete with foot stomp.

2. Josh is the sweetest little boy. He'll tell you he loves you for no special reason and when you least expect it (he'll just blurt it out from out of the blue). He's also very affectionate and doesn't mind being hugged and kissed.

3. Expect to have the funniest (and sometimes absurd) conversations when he's in the toilet doing the number 2. My dad finds it so entertaining that he doesn't mind keeping Joshua company while he's in the can. (See blog entry Conversations with Poop)

4. He's starting to ask a LOT of questions. See sample below:
- Who killed Jesus?
- Why is the moon bright?
- What do worms eat?
- What's inside a pencil/lamp/light bulb/bones/etc.,etc.,etc.. These questions can really stump me sometimes so I do the smart thing and pass the question to his dad. Hello??!! He's the Physics graduate, not me!

5. Faith brings out the Green Eyed Monster in him. Otherwise, he's such a good (if a bit hyper) little boy.

6. I swear Joshua doesn't know how to frown. Ask him to frown and you'll see a mix of a grin and a grimace. He can do a sad face, a happy face but cannot do a convincing angry face.

7. He's got stubby toes that for some weird reason, have always fascinated me since he was a baby. I loved kissing his toes when he was a baby (and until now). He also can't sleep without getting his feet rubbed (by me, of course -- no one else is as in love with his toes as I am).

8. Loves Jollibee chicken (what kid doesn't???) and instant noodles.

9. Has the tendency to be O.C.. For instance, he's liable to have a tantrum if my hand isn't "hot" -- he hates it when he holds my hand and it's cold, especially when he uses it to go to sleep. Unfortunately, Faith also got this habit. My kids never needed a pacifier -- they just use my hands. Which I warm by placing them under my armpits, ahahahahahahaha!!! Just kidding!

10. He's got a super imagination. Is famous in school for his stories about the dinosaur in his garden. You should hear us tell the story of his birth. The moment we get to the part where he's supposed to come out of my tummy he'll exclaim, "And then the T-rex appeared!"

11. I sometimes wonder if he's an adult trapped in a four year old's body. He's been known to tell you that he was "worried about you" or "take care of yourself" and "don't forget to put your seatbelt on!" Has no compunction about engaging any grown up for conversation (when he feels like it, of course).

12. He once told me that when he grows up, he's going to marry me! Is that sweet or what??!!!

13. Has a love-hate relationship with Faith.

14. Knows the words to the story "Goodnight Moon".

15. He's terrified of fastfood mascots.

P.S. The picture in this post was taken October last year. It's a candid shot of Joshua watching cartoons while we were getting ready to go to church. I just really love this photo of him.


Maria said...

i can't wait to meet your kids, galeng, galeng mo namang mommy... and galeng din ni Jun, of course.

happy birthday, Josh! mwah!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. thnx!

Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job. Go on.

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